Francesca Gioberti


Falcon Crest

First appearance

"The Vintage Years" (1981)

Last appearance

"Home Again" (1989)

Married to


Owner of a vineyard in Italy
1/3 Owner of Falcon Crest


Jasper Gioberti


Angela Channing
Jason Gioberti (deceased)




Richard Channing
Julia Cumson
Emma Channing
Chase Gioberti
Lance Cumson
Cole Gioberti
Vickie Gioberti

Francesca Anna-Maria Gioberti is Angela Channing's Italian half-sister who came to Tuscany Valley with a claim to a share of Falcon Crest.

She faced disaster at her vineyards in Italy, causing her to travel to Tuscany Valley, surprising Angela by seeking assistance. With evidnece that she is Angela's half-sister, Francesca becomes entitled to one third of Falcon Crest. Angela uses it to her advantage by making a deal with Francesca to buy her third in order to control more of Falcon Crest than Chase Gioberti. However, Angela and her attorney Greg Reardon persuade her to sign a contract for her share of the vineyards. In order to save her vineyards in Italy, Francesca is selling her third of Falcon Crest but she becomes confused since Angela has told her that Chase would be pleased. Before returning to Italy, Angela decides to throw a farewell party before returning to Italy. She performs the tarantella and berates her family for their greed and hatred. Jean-Louis helps Francesca by pilfering her agreement from Angela's safe.

She eventually sells her share to Richard Channing.