Richard Channing


Falcon Crest

First appearance

"The challenge" (1982)

Last appearance

"Home Again" (1989)


Terry Hartford
Maggie Gioberti
Lauren Daniels


Chairman of the Board of Directors and 40% stockholder of The (New) San Francisco Globe
Owner of Sansamour Construction
Member of the Board of Directors of Whitewood Industries
Owner of R.C. Incorporated
Member of the Board of Directors of Van Enger Shipping
Owner of the Visconti Winery
One-third owner of Falcon Crest Winery
CEO of Channing, Inc.
CEO of Channing Enterprises
CEO of Channing & Sampson
Owner of Tuscany Downs
Member of the Board of Directors of Hoffman Industries


Michael Channing


Melissa Agretti
Cassandra Ross
Pamela Lynch

Richard Denault Channing is a fictional character on Falcon Crest.

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